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Urbact (English page)

What is Urbact?

URBACT’s mission is to enable cities to work together and develop integrated solutions to common urban challenges, by networking, learning from one another’s experiences, drawing lessons and identifying good practices to improve urban policies.

Esplugues' Best Practice chosen by Urbact include two activities about Citizen Participation: Children's Council and Public Youth Audience

- Link to Urbact website (the projects of all the recognized cities)

Esplugues (Spain) Good Practice

The City Council of Esplugues develops a permanent policy of citizen participation. The municipal activity is open to citizens, following the principles of transparency and shared responsibility. There are several spaces for citizen participation. Among them are the Children's Council and the Public Youth Audience.

The Children's Council is a forum for children in 5th and 6th grade (Secondary Obligatory Education) in public schools, where they have the possibility to learn, reflect, discuss and agree on proposals related to their environment. The Public Youth Audience is addressed to students of 4th grade.

These are spaces for discussion. They generate pedagogical/educational debate and proposals for the transformation of the city. Both forums take into account the work plan that is developed in collaboration with schools and institutes, making them participants to contribute in the formation of children / youth, in values and attitudes of participation.

- Children's Council and Public Youth Audience

- Presentation video of the Best Practices project of Esplugues at Urbact:


10/04/2017 "Esplugues recull el reconeixement de bones pràctiques Urbact pel Consell d'Infants i l'Audiència Jove"

05/17/2017 "Els nois i noies de l'Audiència Pública presenten les seves propostes per incorporar les entitats al contingut acadèmic".

04/06/2017 "El Consell d'Infants fa propostes sobre tinença responsable de gossos"

Photo Gallery:
Audiència Pública de Nois i Noies
Public Youth Audience
Consell d'Infants d'Esplugues 2016-2017
Children's Council
Segell europeu de Bones Pràctiques Urbact
Urbact meeting in Tallinn

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Video presentation of the city

Video of the 10th Young Audience 2016-17


- Public Youth Audience's website

- Children's Council's website

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